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I had my spinal tap two days ago.
Details: We woke up at seven. I barely slept. We left at eight. There was a lot of traffic but thank God for the HOV lane. Joey and i got there at nine; before my parents even. My nerves were really, really getting to me. I felt like i was going to throw up and poop my pants. And my period managed to get ten times heavier just while we were there.
My appointment was scheduled for eleven. I was supposed to start taking my Valium at ten, but i started taking them at nine thirty-ish and by ten i had taken two of them. They were only 2mg each. And of course, they didn't do anything. The nurse came out and she said that she was going to give me more and then i told her that i had already taken some and apparently that wasn't okay (even though the doctor knew). So i took my last one (as directed on my prescription bottle) and regretted opening my mouth to the nurse because i didn't feel any different. They took me in a wheelchair back to the x-ray (she used an x-ray so she could see exactly where she was poking) and they wouldn't let my mom stay in there with me so that nurse was with me. She was really nice.
So i had to lay on my stomach and i had a death grip on the table. I started crying a little bit. They injected me with a local anesthetic. (How useless is that? I'm afraid of needles so you numb me…with a needle…) It burned a little bit but i was okay. Then she started. Pressure is what i was supposed to feel and it was what i felt but she hit a nerve or something and it felt like she was digging in my kidney. I was screaming. She told me to turn on my hips kind of and then it was in and it started. My opening pressure was 20 which is a little high. And she withdrew 15ccs of spinal fluid. In the middle of the procedure, the doctor kindly says "You need to lose 100lbs". (Really? Cause i was totally unaware.) Then she said something about "Now you know it wasn't too bad and you and your mom were freaking out for nothing" and i said "Yeah and let's pray i never have to have it done ever again" and she said "Oh. You probably will." Then she said something about the Valium and i said i didn't feel it at all and she said "Well your eyes are dialated but then again psuedotumor patients eyes are always dialated"  And i said "No, i think mine just get that way when i'm nervous" and she said "Sure" sarcastically. BITCH BITCH BITCH.
The procedure didn't take too long but i had to lay flat on my back at the hospital for an hour and a half, i think so a scab formed because if a scab didn't form then it would continue to leak. The nurse told me that i had to lay flat for 24 hours and not to take any medications with blood-thinning properties and to take it easy for a week. So i tried my hardest to lay flat but it hurts my back cause my back is all fucked up as it is.
So yeah. It was nightmarish. And i really want to punch the doctor who did it and my headache specialist.
But at least it's over and now i can get on my meds and feel better and start losing weight and then i can finally be happy and healthy.
Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes <3


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